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File Management - Saving Files
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All computer users must have the ability to save files. Whenever you create a file that you will want to access later, you will need to save it.

You can save documents/files by using either the Save or Save As command on the File menu.

1. With the file you wish to save open, left click on File. File is located at the top left side of your screen.

File menu options


2. On the drop down window, click Save.

Save option from the file menu


3. If this is the first time you have saved the document, a box will appear that will allow you to create a file name and select the folder you want to the save the document in.

File Save As dialog box


4. Enter the file name* and select the folder, then click Save or OK, depending upon the options provided by your word processing program.

*Do not use spaces or non-alphanumeric characters in your file names.

Folder selection from Save As dialog box


5. If you have saved the document before, when you click on Save the document will automatically overwrite the document you previously saved.


6. If you have already saved a version of the document and want to save this version of the document with a new file name or in a different location, you will need to left click on Save As. This will bring up the box that will allow you to change the file name and/or location to save the file.

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