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Did you make sure your class already started? You are not able to login until your class officially start.

If added you added a course(s) on or after the start date, there may be a 3-business day delay from the time Admissions officially enrolls you and the time your Blackboard Username & Password are created.

Make sure you are using the correct username and password? See below:

Student Username

Your Blackboard Username uses this format (see sample below):

First two letters of your first name
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Last 4 digits of your New Student ID#


Username: masm1234

Student Password

Your initial student Blackboard Password uses this format (see sample Below):

Your six-digit birthday with no separators

August 1, 1975

Password: 080175

Please visit our online orientation to find out how to login to your course and other information related to your online course:

Online Orientation

It is critical that you log into your course in Blackboard within the first week of the session. If you have not logged on by the end of the first week, you may be dropped.


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