Archiving/Exporting a Blackboard Course   

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* Please note that Archive creates a permanent record of a course including all the content and user interactions, while Export only keeps the course content.

1. Go to the Control Panel for your course.

2. In the Packages and Utilities section of the Control Panel, click Archive or Export Course

3. Click the either the * Archive or Export button.

4. Select the course materials that you would like to copy to the destination course. After clicking in the appropriate check boxes, click the Submit button.

(You will receive a message,” this action has been successfully queued. An email will be sent when the process is complete.”)

5. Click the name of the file you want to download in the File Name field.
(An archived file will have a name that starts with “ArchiveFile…”, while an exported file will have a name that starts with  “ExportFile…”)

6. Click the Save button.

7. Select a location to save the package and click the Save button.

8. Click the OK button

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