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 Browser Test

 In order to work properly, Canvas requires that you use a supported browser and that it is configured correctly. This page will check whether you are using: a compatible computer operating system; a compatible web browser; compatible browser settings; and whether basic plugins are installed.

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Icon Legend

Undetermined - Item could not be evaluated. Follow the given instructions.
Pass - The item is compatible with Blackboard. Additional feedback may be given.
Fail - Item was not detected or is not compatible with Blackboard. Follow the given instructions to install any needed items. Then, refresh this page to run the test again.
Use with Caution - Item was detected and evaluated. It is provisionally compatible with Blackboard.

Warning: You must have JavaScript enabled in order to perform the browser test.

Operating System and Browser

OS Icon Pass-Fail Icon

Operating System: -



Browser Icon Pass-Fail Icon

Browser: -


This information is a best estimate because Internet Explorer's compatibility mode Compatibility Mode Icon and document modes often make the browser identify and function like an older version. For best performance, we recommend using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.


Browser Settings

Cookie Icon Pass-Fail Icon

Cookies: -

Blackboard requires that you have cookies enabled.


JavaScript Icon Pass-Fail Icon

JavaScript is: Disabled

Please enable JavaScript to run in this browser.


Java Icon Pass-Fail Icon

Java: -

Blackboard requires that you have Java 7 installed and enabled in this browser.


Pop-Up Icon Pass-Fail Icon
Adobe Flash Icon Pass-Fail Icon

Adobe Flash Player: -

Adobe Flash Player plug-ins let you experience automation and entertainment in your Web browser.



Some courses may require certain plug-ins for your browser to play or utilize materials. These plug-ins are free downloads:

Adobe Reader Icon Pass-Fail Icon

Adobe Reader: -

Adobe Reader 9.0x or greater must be installed so that you can open and read PDF documents.


Windows Media Player Icon Pass-Fail Icon

Windows Media Player: -

Windows Media Player supports Windows Media (WMA,ASF), MP3, WAV, MIDI, AVI, and other formats.


QuickTime Icon Pass-Fail Icon

Apple QuickTime Player: -

QuickTime Player is an application for playing, interacting with, or viewing any video, audio, VR, or graphics file that is compatible with QuickTime.